Written by Tuesday, 22 August 2017 Published in Berita
Gunungkidul- Child marriage is one of the issues that threats the rights of children. When they have to marry in early age, they will lose their rights to get an education, get parenting, protection or other rights as written in the Child Protection Act No. 23 of 2002 which has been amended into Child Protection Act No. 35 of 2014. It is also in accordance with what was delivered by Khoirun Ni'mah, as a staff of Rifka Annisa in the Road Show Maturity of Marriage Age at Paliyan district, Gunungkidul regency, on Thursday 27 July 2017. She explained child marriage…
Written by Tuesday, 22 August 2017 Published in Berita
Gunungkidul- Tuesday & Wednesday, 25th & 26th July 2017, Rifka Annisa becomes the facilitator and also the workshop facilitator for discussion related to UU Desa No. 6 of 2014. The activity that took place at Hotel Cikaraya Gunungkidul was attended by 20 participants that representatives from Jetis Village, Kepek Village, and Ngalang Village. This activity aims to get participants to strengthen village mapping in a participatory and village data-building techniques, as the basis of village planning. The first day sessions began with the exposure of regulations derived from the Village Law by Farhad from the Gunungkidul District Protection, Women and…
Written by Tuesday, 22 August 2017 Published in Berita
Gunungkidul- As an effort to prevent and handle violence against women and children, Rifka Annsia cooperates with various parties including the Village Government. One of the villages in Gunungkidul who became a partner of Rifka Annisa is Jetis Village, Saptosari sub-district. The Jetis Village has a fairly active Forum for the Handling Victims of Violence against Women and Children (FPK2PA). FPK2PA has been formed since November 2015 and along with the declaration of prevention of child marriage in Saptosari District. They worked for the prevention and handling of violence against women and children by involving various parties among them; District…
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