Road Show Maturity of Marriage Age

Written by  Tuesday, 22 August 2017 13:21

Gunungkidul- Child marriage is one of the issues that threats the rights of children. When they have to marry in early age, they will lose their rights to get an education, get parenting, protection or other rights as written in the Child Protection Act No. 23 of 2002 which has been amended into Child Protection Act No. 35 of 2014. It is also in accordance with what was delivered by Khoirun Ni'mah, as a staff of Rifka Annisa in the Road Show Maturity of Marriage Age at Paliyan district, Gunungkidul regency, on Thursday 27 July 2017. She explained child marriage is often triggered by unhealthy relationships between teenagers that lead to unwanted pregnancy. The event was attended by about 60 people. It was an effort to address the child marriage that still quite high.

           The same thing was also said by Retno from the Women and Community Empowerment Agency (BPPM) of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). Retno said that the case of child marriage in Gunungkidul is like an iceberg. It meant unreported cases that much larger and invisible. She added the cases of child marriage has reached 1728 cases in Gunungkidul since 2014. In Special Region of Yogyakarta itself the number of mothers died in giving birth about 49 cases because of the mother was still relatively young (teenagers). In addition the impact of child marriage is decline in the quality of the next generation. Retno also explained that teenagers who have not grown perfectly and are still experiencing the process of development then they are still not ready to give birth and nurture a baby physically, mentally, and spiritually

            Meanwhile, Sabit Mustamil as chairman of the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) Paliyan said that teenagers have received education and socialization related to the prevention of child marriage both in school and in the community. However, the cases of child marriage in Paliyan district are still recorded 2 points. According to him, the fundamental issues of encouraging child marriage are the parenting pattern, the culture of society, and the economic factors. In addition, Sabit explained that the risks of child marriage; teenagers are susceptible to stress and depression, have social burdens, unfair couples` commitments, and unequal sharing of roles in households.

             Seeing these conditions, Marwatahadi as Paliyan Head of District invites all parties and communities to prevent child marriage in the Paliyan district. The event included the signing of Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) by various parties who attended it. They were the head of district, the village chiefs, the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA), the principals, the Family Welfare Movement (PKK), the police, The Community Police Officer (Bhabinkamtibmas), teenagers, and others.

Author: Ana Widiawati is an internship student from International Relations of Universitas Brawijaya

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