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How to Apply for Internship

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  1. No later than one month before the commencement of the internship, the student must submit an official internship letter from his/her university or another institution (letter of introduction) supplemented with an internship plan proposal addressed to the Director of Rifka Annisa
  2. Proposals submitted should include the following items:
    • The purpose of the internship
    • Benefits for students, universities, and institutions
    • Plan for activities to be carried out, including time frame and output
    • Design of measuring tools or other tools that will be used
  3. HRD coordinates with the intended Division, also to determine Supervisor (SPV) for the interns.
  4. Each intern will have SPV (supervisor) in the intended division. SPV will be determined by mutual agreement in the intended division. The job of SPV are:
    • Assisting the interns to perform their internship and achieve their internship objectives in accordance with the agreed purposes.
    • Review the intern at the end of each week and the end of the internship with HRD.
    • Conduct an evaluation with HRD and Manager (if any assessment from the University is required)
  5. Students must fill in an Internship Application Form accompanied with a photocopy of an ID card, student card and passport (3 x 4); one sheet is needed on the first day of internship.
  6. The HRD and the division in question will hold an institutional orientation session for interns for one day.
  7. Interns will follow the internship process in accordance with the agreed upon plan between the student and the division in question, as well as work within the procedures and regulations of the concerned Division.
  8. Interns are required to report activities that have been conducted for one week to the SPV, Division Manager, and HRD.
  9. Interns must consult SPV, Division Manager, or HRD about material reports.
  10. Interns must submit a report of proceedings no later than one month after the completion of the internship.
  11. The duration of an internship is a minimum of two months, except in some cases where such a two month duration is not possible.
  12. Once the report is submitted to Rifka Annisa, the intern may request the issuance of an Internship Certificate.
  13. Interns must follow the rules that apply in the organization of Rifka Annisa and must uphold the professional ethics.

Rifka Annisa reserves the right to limit the number of interns accepted, considering their potential effectiveness and the potential workload of each division.

For further information, please contact:

Rifka Annisa Jl. Jambon IV Komplek Jatimulyo Indah 55242

Phone/Fax. 0274-553333 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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