Gunungkidul- As an effort to prevent and handle violence against women and children, Rifka Annsia cooperates with various parties including the Village Government. One of the villages in Gunungkidul who became a partner of Rifka Annisa is Jetis Village, Saptosari sub-district. The Jetis Village has a fairly active Forum for the Handling Victims of Violence against Women and Children (FPK2PA). FPK2PA has been formed since November 2015 and along with the declaration of prevention of child marriage in Saptosari District. They worked for the prevention and handling of violence against women and children by involving various parties among them; District Government, PKK, teenagers and etc.

                On Monday, July 24, 2017, Rifka Annisa was invited to be a speaker in the coordination event and the establishment of a new board of FPK2PA Jetis Village. In this case Nurmawati the speaker ifrom Rifka Annisa explained the main task and function of the management of FPK2PA. The event that lasted from 13.00 s.d 16.00 WIB aims to evaluate the form of success and various challenges experienced by the forum. In addition, the purpose of this meeting was to establish a new stewardship and to discuss again the work of FPK2PA. Because the importance of a forum that deals with violence against women and children needs to be improved in quality, in the service field, especially in the addition of personnel. Participants who attended this meeting were approximately 41 people, including The Headman of Village, Chairman of FPK2PA, Village Secretary, Kesra, representatives from Rifka Annisa and other members.

                In the beginning, FPK2PA consisted only of two service areas, namely the field of prevention and handling. However, at this time, the field of FPK2PA services increased, one of them health field by involving villagers who work in the field of health, such as midwives, nurses, pharmacists and so on. In addition, the formation of the new board involves religious leaders and hamlets in Jetis Village. Yatinah, the vice chairman of FPK2PA, revealed that during this time FPK2PA activities are lacking spirit, but with the new board members, it is expected that the forum will become more active and also the Village Children's Forum (FAD) can be revived. Yatinah also added that FAD can be a positive activity space for children and adolescents, so that they can avoid the vulnerabilities to become victims and perpetrators of violence.

Writen by: Sarahtua Simanungkalit Relawan Magang dari Medan

Translator : Laras Intansari form Brawijaya University

Friday, 28 July 2017 17:35

What`s with Teenagers?

This article was inspired from a case in my school. This is the story. It is not a trivial issue but a very certain problem that can harm many parties. Today`s young people are very different from the young people in the past. Parents said that teenager in the past always consider the risks that will be accepted when do actions, meanwhile today`s teenager are highfalutin without thinking along and only concern about the short pleasure. That's my opinion, maybe you are disagree.

            I observe in various news, today's teenager is very different from the previous year. Supported by technological advances, it is a lot of problems caused such as pornography, bullying, trapped promiscuity, drug abuse, and others. They are the future of the nation which is the most valuable asset. But they are stuck in a situation that eliminates their potential. Unwanted pregnancy is something that may happen a lot. The worse, they are still underage and they do not think about marriage or family. A girl who get pregnant out of wedlock usually always take a action for abortion. She do not think about the baby that they had taken her/his life. The act will burden her life later. However, i also understand that the girl must be in a very difficult situation and nobody wants to understand or help find a solution.

            I am a high school student in Gunungkidul regency. The beginning of this case occured in the new school year in 2016. There are a  boy and a girl as student of Vocational High School (SMK) who just entered the school early last year. They were in dating relationship. In the second semester, there was a learning activity called work placement program. In my opinion, this activity is one thing eagerly awaited by the students of Vocational High School because of this activity can be a show off moment.

            Yes right, show off. This activity for student to feel directly working in an industry. Its cause is minimal control from parents and teachers. So it can happen. Moreover, parents usually give a lot of moneys to their teen as a support for her/his activity in the internship place.

            Communication between these two students never stopped. One day they knew where is the workplacement place each other. Furthermore, technological advance and minimal parental control over teenager's mobile phones are the next factor. Mobile phone is like a primary need in today's teenage life.

            The workplacement program periode is three months. Two months, their relationship runs with communication through mobile phone that is very smooth and weak control from teachers and parents. One day they make an appointment to meet in the place that they set before. At first they are ashamed as new people. As soon as the time they are  more comfortable. They start to touch each other because their lust.

            The intership program are done. The time to go back school. It feels like coming back to being a fresh student at school. Day by day there are signs of the girl. She was often alone or depressed, even she also skipped school. It did not take long, the teacher visited her. After investigating in detail and taking the medical tests. The result is the girl pregnant..

            Finally the teacher discussed to return the girl to her parents again. While the boy was also expelled from school. The schools started to do refinement step by step such as starting religious events, inviting anti-violence organizations and others. They hoped it would reduce that irritating cases.

            That problem often happens from the beginning of dating relationship. I think dating realationship is one of the ways to have sex as a prestige. But what is the result? They are just wasting time that should be a slow-moving incident. Sometimes people closest even become one of the dangers. It likes a term, 'Closely tightening to stick a knife as deep as possible'. Why choose to have dating relationship if in the end even be painful and harm? It's not just about them, but also for me, you and all of us. We, young people should be able to think about the good and bad.

            So basically we are as the youth of the nation have to think positively. Do not always put prestige and increase prestige with negative things. Say no to child abuse, sexual and drug crimes and so on. It is appropriate that we are as youth of the nation fill our daily life with things that are benefit and reach the achievement with good and satisfactory way. Yes, We can!

Oleh Hima Beng2 (A student in Gunungkidul )

*Hima Beng2 is the name of the initials of the disguised writer to protect privacy and confidentiality for telling sensitive cases.

**Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this paper are entirely the author's perspective and responsibility.

Gunungkidul – The issue of child marriage may no longer be a new issue but it has been a problem that has not been resolved until now. Many teenagers do not really understand what an child marriage is and the bad effects of having an marriage in early age. According to the problem, it needs a accompaniment for young generations to increase their understanding.

In this case, Rifka Annisa actively conducts discussions with the teenagers. The topic for each discussions are different. Rifka Annisa held a discussion with teenagers in the Kepek village Saptosari district Gunungkidul regency to prevention child marriage, on Sunday (23/7).

In the discussion program, Rifka Annisa explained to adolescent about prevention of child marriage. The discussion was guided by Khoirun Ni'mah as Public Relations and Media of Rifka Annisa staff who also often held discussions with youth and students in Rifka Goes To School (RGTS) program. Nurmawati as the Manager of Community Organizing and Advocacy Division of Rifka Annisa also attended it.

During the two hours of discussion, the participants did not only get informations but also make a group discussions. The participants were divided into group of girls and groups of boys to discuss child marriage and its impacts, as well as to see the comparison between boys and girls thinking in understanding child marriage.

The result of the group discussion was nearly 80% of participants understood the child marriage and its impacts. “The cause of child marriage is pregnant out of wedlock. If a girl is already pregnant, she usually is married although she is still a child, but that's coercion from parents. It happens when she has a rich boyfriend, so the parents urge her to get married because of economic factors. Then the impacts are she is vulnerable to disease, experience violence, has economic crisis, etc,” said Putri, one of the participants who is junior high school student.

“It usually occur because of parents want to have grandchildren quickly, also social pressure. It could be because a child marriage is considered to be common in the social environment. The effects are divorce, easy to fight because of their mindset are still unstable, troublesome parents, and low economy  condtion,” added Mulyanto, one of the participants from boy group.

Although the participants have correctly understand the child marriage, there is no guarantee that they are free from vulnerability to be victim because it always requires intense control and guidance. Based on realizing the very harmful impacts, Rifka Annisa seeks to join teenagers and society to change the paradigm. That Rifka Annisa`s program are certainly very positive contribution for Indonesia and the surrounding community because Rifka Annisa have a active role to protect children and the nation's generation. (Lamtiar Tambunan)

Translated by Ana Widiawati

Gunungkidul – The members of Forum for Handling Victims of Violence against Women and Children (FPK2PA) often face difficulties to implement their work plan. The main difficulty is coordination. Members feel lack of coordination therefore the program work plan is hampered in its implementation. Such problems also faced by the FPK2PA in Ngalang District, Gedangsari, Gunungkidul.

           “This is our weakness. We need to improve cooperation in program implementation,” Ayuk said – one of the FPK2PA Ngalang member on program work plan coordination meeting in Rumah Pintar, Saturday (22/7). This meeting was also attended by Kaderi as Ngalang headmen and Eko Sutardi from Public Welfare division.

            Moreover, Ayuk also said that the member of FPK2PA in village level during program implementation always waiting the instruction from the coordinator. Thus, she hope the other member to commit and be responsible for the planning that already agreed.

            Furthermore, the problems are miscommunication and the lack of coordination with the coordinator. Heni as the coordinator of FPK2PA Ngalang revealed the member is allowed to take initiative and communicate to the coordinator if she is busy to coordinate. Therefore, the coordinator highly suggest to the member to be able to conform about this difficulty in order to make the work plan implemented.

            Meanwhile, Ani Rufaida as the facilitator from Rifka Annisa suggested optimize the use of WhatsApp if the condition is impossible to meet directly. “So we don’t need to wait the coordination”, Rufed- nick name of Ani Rufaida-said. The facilitator underlined to make serious effort for maximizing coordination and communicate each other.

            The meeting attended by 10 members to discuss the close planning agenda such as headmen training and family contest. The headmen training will be held in August 12th 2017 and the family contest will be held in August 27th. (Ana Widiawati)


Translated by Laras Intansari

Wednesday, 26 July 2017 17:27

Kasus Kekerasan Seksual Melonjak

WATES - Kasus kekerasan seksual pada anak di Kulonprogo setiap tahun terus meningkat. Beberapa hal ditengarai menjadi penyebabnya, seperti budaya yang menganggap perempuan sebagai objek seksual, kesepian, sampai penetrasi internet yang semakin masif sehingga akses ke pornografi semakin terbuka.

Dinas Sosial, Pemberdayaan Perempuan dan Perlindungan Anak (Dinsos P3A) Kulonprogo mencatat, pada 2015 terjadi 15 kasus kekerasan seksual, meningkat menjadi 23 kasus pada 2016. Sedangkan sampai Juni 2017 telah terjadi 16 kasus kekerasan seksual. Kekerasan seksual bahkan menduduki peringkat pertama untuk segala macam jenis kekerasan di Bumi Menoreh.

Kabid Perlindungan Perempuan dan Anak, Dinsos P3A Kulonprogo, Woro Kandini menyatakan, pelaku kekerasan seksual pada anak cukup beragam. Begitu pun jenis dan umur anak yang menjadi korban. "Jenisnya cukup mengerikan untuk diceritakan. Pada 2017, di Kulonprogo telah terjadi empat kasus ayah kandung yang memperkosa anaknya sendiri. Belum lagi kasus lain seperti seseorang yang memperkosa anak tetangga atau yang mencabuli temannya sendiri. Bahkan pada Maret lalu, ada anak usia tiga tahun yang menjadi korban," ucap Woro Kandini, Jumat (21/7).

Woro Kandini menyebut, ada berbagai hal yang membuat kasus kekerasan seksual pada anak terus meningkat, salah satunya pandangan sebagian masyarakat yang menganggap perempuan sebagai objek seksual. "Tayangan konten porno di internet juga menjadi satu penyebab, karena sangat memengaruhi perilaku seseorang. Tapi ada juga penyebab lain seperti kesepian dan lainnya. Penyebabnya memang cukup beragam tapi internet yang paling keras pengaruhnya," ujar Woro Kandini menambahkan.

Untuk menekan tingginya kasus ini, Dinas Sosial P3A Kulonprogo terus berupaya untuk menyosialisasikan Perda No.7/2015 tentang Perlindungan Perempuan dan Anak Korban Kekerasan, mulai dari tingkat kabupaten, kecamatan hingga desa. Sosialisasi dilakukan agar masyarakat tidak lagi bertindak sewenang-wenang terhadap anak, karena sudah ada peraturan yang bisa menjatuhkan sanksi terhadap pelaku.

Konselor psikologi Rifka Annisa, Budi Wulandari menyampaikan anak yang menjadi korban kekerasan seksual cenderung akan mengalami tindakan yang sama secara berulang, karena takut ancaman dari pelaku. Ancaman tersebut seperti kekerasan dalam bentuk lain atau penyebarluasan aib.

Ia mengatakan kekerasan seksual pada anak tidak akan langsung diketahui sampai muncul dampaknya bagi korban, misalnya anak yang biasanya ceria menjadi pendiam, sering cemas, ketakutan dan lainnya. "Kalau keluarganya peka pasti akan langsung menggali untuk mencari tahu apa yang terjadi," ujar Budi Wulandari.

Untuk menekan kasus ini, harus ada sinergi antara Pemkab Kulonprogo, aparat penegak hukum dan masyarakat. Pemerintah harus menghimbau masyarakat agar melaporkan semua tindak kekerasan pada anak, dan sebaliknya masyarakat harus aktif melaporkan.

I Ketut Sawitra Mustika

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