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Written by Tuesday, 25 October 2016 Published in Cerita Perubahan
Oleh: Claudia Rahmania Yusron, Mahasiswa Magang Universitas Brawijaya Malang, Jurusan Hubungan Internasional    Di tengah-tengah terik matahari di kawasan Rifka Annisa Kompleks Jatimulyo Jambon, Yogyakarta. Seorang pria paruh baya bernama Sabar Riyadi mengenakan kaos abu-abu berkerah hitam, dengan bersahaja menyapa para staf dan manager Rifka Annisa WCC yang hilir mudik di dalam kantor. Ia merupakan pria kelahiran 46 tahun silam dan akrab dipanggil Sabar. Ayah dari tiga anak laki laki dari pernikahan dengan Retnowati Sri Mulatsih ini telah mengabdi di Rifka Annisa WCC selama 15 tahun. Sebelum berkecimpung di Rifka Annisa WCC, ia sempat bekerja di bidang survei pemetaan di PT. Brantas Abipraya. Namun, pada tahun 2001 terjadi PHK sepihak dan mengharuskannya untuk mencari lowongan pekerjaan baru. Berawal dari membaca Kedaulatan Rakyat tentang Konsultasi Rifka Annisa, Sabar mengetahui bahwa Rifka Annisa WCC sedang membutuhkan tenaga serabutan sebagai sistem pendukung, seperti…
Written by Monday, 20 June 2016 Published in Cerita Perubahan
Domestic violence is an act of brutality that tends to happen to women and causing physically, sexually, and mentally harms towards women. The well-known cases of domestic violence that people see are only the tip of the iceberg, which there are numerous of cases that do not appear. In Indonesia, domestic violence is considered as a family shame that nobody can know about. Therefore, a lot of victims of domestic violence are still uninformed about the legal matters about this issue, which causing them unable to break the conflict cycle of domestic violence and costing them more agony. The book ‘Buku Saku Informasi Hukum Bagi Perempuan Korban Kekerasan Dalam Rumah Tangga’ manages to explains the reader about the forms of domestic violence, victim’s rights, and litigation and other legal matters regarding domestic violence. Based on the article 5 of Undang-Undang…
Written by Friday, 10 June 2016 Published in Cerita Perubahan
The book ‘Membangun Keluarga Bahagia’ guides couples to create and manage a healthy and happy family through equal cooperation and responsibility between husband and wife. The guidance that provided by the book is also a preventive measure to stop domestic violence by helping couples to deal with the conflict in the family. One of the important ideas in this book, to build a happy family, each member has to understand their sexual and reproductive rights. Such as, the right of freedom and safe reproductive service, the right to free from all forms of discriminations to receive reproductive health service, the right to acquire information about sexual education and reproductive health service, the right to build a family, the right to free from all forms of torture, rape, and sexual harassment. By understanding those rights every individual will have a healthy…
Written by Friday, 29 April 2016 Published in Cerita Perubahan
Widodo, as people call him, is one of the security crew in Ngalang Village, Gedangsari. As Widodo is involved in law related activities, he was required to participate in a forum that addressed victims of violence against women and children (FPK2PA) in Ngalang Village. Widodo’s involvement in the forum was sparked by curiosity about Rifka Annisa. Rifka Annisa which means ‘female friend’, as he understands also means ‘male friend’. Widodo was curious to learn about how Rifka Annisa’s goals could be of benefit to himself. As a man and a father, Widodo understands that he is influenced by his family and community. His upbringing and his parent values strongly influence his behavior. In the past, he thought that the role of men was to earn a living, to work and make decisions for the family. He believed that women were…
Written by Monday, 21 March 2016 Published in Cerita Perubahan
Yoga and health are interrelated that close that an individual’s health can be improved through doing Yoga. In the meantime it is scientifically proven that Yoga reduces stress, improves body posture and flexibility, frees tensions and increases balance and concentration. Besides physical goals as reducing joint problems, back pain and chronic discomfort there is a significant influence of Yoga in psychological goals concerning managing fear, uncertainty and blockades. This, in turn, increases life energy and self-confidence by balancing body, mind and soul. Yoga directs the attention to the peace of mind and state of health that is often seen as a matter of course and is only noticed if it has got lost. Uncertainties challenge people to develop an increased awareness for their inner strength. Energy for body and mind can be received by deep breathing and rediscovering interior power.…
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