Rifka Annisa Encourages the existence of School-Based Systems for Preventing and Handling Violence in SMK 1 Gedangsari

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School is the second home for students. Therefore, the role of a school cannot be separated from the development of the students. From the scope of the school, the teacher also becomes an important actor or teacher of the process of learning and education in school. They are facilitators for students as well as able to be inspirators, motivators and role models.

Experience proves, the role and attention of teachers not only make students successful in terms of cognitive, but also can save students from various problems that can inhibit their goals. Conversely, the attitude of ignorant from the teacher to his students can lead to the further away the students reach their goals.

"Often I find there are girls who are suddenly hysterical. After I trace it there are several factors that cause the behavior, such as lack of attention from people around ". The story was delivered by the teacher SMK N 1 Gedangsari on regular discussion with Rifka Annisa on Friday, August 18, 2017 ago. The event which took place in the meeting room of SMKN 1 Gedangsari invited 11 alumni teachers of "School Based School for Prevention and Handling of Schools" organized by Rifka Annisa in early 2017.

The discussion is a continuation of the prevention program as well as the handling of sexual violence and child aged marriages involving schools and communities in 4 sub-districts (Wonosari, Saptosari, Gedangsari, and Ngawen). In collaboration with SMK N 1 Gedangsari, Rifka Annisa seeks to encourage school-based systems for the prevention and violence of schools in one of the school regulations. In addition, hopefully SMK N 1 Gedangsari can be more empowered, more innovative in resolving the problems and making efforts to prevent violence against women and children. In efforts to prevent and handle violence in school, Rifka Annisa seeks to involve various parties, including principals and teachers both men and women.

Translator: Laras Intansari from Brawijaya University

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